Probation Probation Training by CWS/CMS

CWS/CMS Training

RCFFP CWS/CMS Classroom Training

The Resource Center for Family-Focused Practice (RCFFP) provides CWS/CMS classroom training to Probation staff. To request training, contact Georgina Milam at or call (530)757-8680.

CWS/CMS Quick Guides for Probation

This Quick Guide was prepared by Terry Luna, Central California Training Academy. The Quick Guide was developed to assist probation staff in the completion of recording common tasks in CWS/CMS.

Performing a Search to Retrieve a Case/Referral

This single topic Quick Guide explains the steps to perform a search to retrieve a case/referral in the CWS/CMS application.

Probation Access - Getting Started

This is a PowerPoint document that discusses what counties might want to consider in planning for the use of the CWS/CMS application by Probation staff.

CWS/CMS Office Setup

This is a PowerPoint document that details the steps to setup an Office in the CWS/CMS application.

Probation Access Data Fields

This document lists each of the data fields that impact AFCARS, NCANDS, NYTD and CFSR-Outcome Measure reports. The document also lists the pages in the CWS/CMS application where the data fields are located.

STAR (Statewide Training Application Resource)

STAR is a web-based, self-directed application training tool. Trainees are able to learn the application systematically and at their own pace. The application makes it easy to revisit modules to reinforce learning.

STAR is located behind the County Logon area on the CWS/CMS website. To access STAR, users will need to obtain a User ID and password. Please contact your supervisor, county training coordinator, or SPOC to obtain access. Once you are in the County Logon Area, go to the Training Tab>Online Training Center. Then, select STAR from the right sidebar.