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1) How do I obtain CWS/CMS training?
2) What CWS/CMS training do I need?
3) How do I find CWS/CMS training materials?
4) Is Business Objects (BO) training available?

How do I obtain CWS/CMS training?

CWS/CMS Application Training is provided to Probation Departments by the Chief Probation Officers of California (CPOC). To request training, email or call (916) 447-2762.

What CWS/CMS training do I need?

A CWS/CMS curriculum has been created for probation staff based on the directives for implementation provided by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS). The curriculum includes:

  • Introduction to CWS/CMS
  • Client Services
  • Non-CWD case creation
  • Contacts
  • Health and Education Notebook
  • Placement
  • Migrating SOC158 data to the main application
  • System Administration

How do I find CWS/CMS training?

The CWS/CMS Office has located all application-related training material on its website Getting to it has been secured so that access is controlled. If you’re in CWS/CMS application, you can access the training portal by going to the "Help" menu and select "Training Portal". Your CWS/CMS logon and password gives you instant access to training materials.

With access to the Training Portal of the CWS/CMS website, a large range of tools become available to the county probation department including:

  • New User Curriculum
  • Scenario Manager Download
  • STAR (Statewide Training Application Resource)
  • User Guides
  • Online Release Notes (Describes new code releases)

STAR (Statewide Training Application Resource) - This is a web-based, self-directed application training tool, complete with a user's guide. Trainees are able to learn the application systematically and at their own pace, or to revisit particular areas of the application at will. The tool was designed in cooperation with county users.

(Note to Probation Department Users: STAR presents CWS/CMS curriculum, including some that will not be implemented by Probation Departments, such as Court and Case Plan. Each county must determine which curriculum is pertinent to its business processes.)

Is Business Objects (BO) training available?

Business Objects is an ad hoc reporting tool that is used by many, but not all, counties. County Probation Departments that wish to use the tool and require training can go to for more information.

Your agency or the child welfare department in your county may already use BO for ad hoc reporting, and may be prepared to generate reports for your office. Training Support staff are available to answer further questions on this subject. Please contact your System Support Consultant (SSC) for more information. To identify which SSC is assigned to your specific county, cut and past the following web address into your web browser: