Probation Probation Contacts



County specific listing of CWS and Probation contacts. This listing includes the County's contact at the CWS/CMS Office, the System Support Consultant (SSC).

Program or Policy Inquiries

To submit questions on Program or Policy issues; the Probation Departments should send their inquiries to the CDSS mailbox at

CWS/CMS Help Desk

The Boulder Help Desk is available to Probation Departments Monday through Friday, 24 hours a day at (800) 428-8268.

CWS/CMS Classroom Training

For Probation staff, CWS/CMS training can be arranged by contacting Amie Hodge, or Carlisle Sanden, at (916) 447-2762.

Who to Contact

This Quick use matrix was developed for Probation staff to identify who to contact for questions and issues.