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Data Quality FAQ

How does my County know what data quality tasks should be worked on?

Refer to the <a href='https://cwscms.osi.ca.gov/Portal/CWS-Data-Quality-Portal/Reporting'>Reporting section</a>. The County workload is listed by priority.

What is the role of the Data Quality Analyst (DQA)?

The DQA is expected to be involved in de-dup processes and other data-centric activities. Each County should designate at least one DQA to be on data quality related emails and discussions.

How can I contribute to an existing data quality issue?

In the details for the issue there is a comment box. You can contribute to the discussion of the issue there, and begin to receive all future updates related to that issue.

Where can I find out more information on the Reports?

Refer to this guide in the <a href='https://cwscms.osi.ca.gov/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=eVbQJXjhb_M%3d&portalid=0'>Documents section</a>.

Why can't I see all Counties listed in the drop-down box in the duplicate history reports?

All Counties are listed in the drop down box, you will need to scroll down to see the full list.

Where will I find detailed de-dup reports in the portal?

Due to security concerns, there are no detailed reports in the portal. You should refer to the appropriate network folder or BO report.