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9/20/2023 - New report showing quality of all emails statewide across all notebooks in Documents > Reporting > 'STATE_EMAIL_DQ_ALL_NOTEBOOKS.xlsx'

9/12/2023 - New cleansing: SCR8936 Multi-Notebook Email Correction for CARES. Go to "Data Cleansing Instructions" page under "Links"

6/22/2023 - New fuzzy reports with data taken June 2023 available here

6/22/2013 - New Report: Tracking Duplicate metrics collected from Fuzzy Reports in Documents > Reporting > 'FUZZY_DUPS_TRACKING.xlsx'

6/19/2023 - Updated CWSCMS Data Quality Assurance Strategy in Documents > Strategy and docs

5/2/2023 - 2023 Jan-April data added in Documents > Reporting > 'Monthly Manual Merges

4/24/2023 - SCP Duplicate tracking for SCR8912 can be found under the "Reporting" link

3/27/2023 - CWS/CMS Users: Missing emails needed for CARES, "about" document available in Documents > Automated Data Correction > CWSCMS Users > 'About CWSCMS User Emails for CARES'

2/10/2023 - Automated batch merge (semi-annual) schedule updated in Documents > Merges > 'Merge Schedule

11/14/2022 - Information and sign-up for SCR8912 SCP Batch Merge available at Documents > Merges > Homes & SCP > ABOUT_SCR8912_SCP_BATCH_MERGE.pdf

11/10/2022 - Information and sign-up for "Automated Update of SCP Emails" available at Documents > Automated Data Correction > SCP Email > About SCP Emails Update

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